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Dog Grooming & Cat Grooming Services

We offer full service pet grooming for any size, shape, age or breed of dog. Cat grooming is also available and has a separate drop off time.

We do walk-in nails with no appointment. Bath and Grooms need to be scheduled in advance. But, you can always call and check for last minute availability.

"Just a bath" includes:

"Mini Groom" (what we call "3F's" = Face, Feet and Fanny) includes:

"Full Groom:" includes: We use no heat dryers, good quality hypo allergenic, tear free and special needs shampoos and conditioners. We have a range of shampoos so we can use just what your pet needs to make them squeeky clean. No extra charge for specialty shampoos.

Because there are so many variables (i.e. size, hair length, coat type) it is not possible to have an all inclusive price list on our website. Call us and we can give you a general idea of cost based on information you can give us over the phone. Please remember, we are called the Practical Puppy because we have very practical prices. Our goals are practical prices, professional grooms, pampered pets.

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Practical Puppy Pet Grooming is a Dog Grooming Salon in Deland, Fl. 32724, offering professional dog grooming services. Our service area includes Deland, Florida and surrounding cities. Everything we do is geared toward providing your pet with a comfortable and relaxed dog grooming experience.